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Seafood "Ice Service"

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"Ice Service"

Within our facility are two North Star industrial flake ice machines. These state-of-the-art machines produce an average of 40 tons of sub-cooled flake ice each day. Combined with a storage capacity of 100 tons we offer this great product to our customers in ice carts and totes. A major advantage to flake ice over tube ice is flake ice provides better surface coverage, resulting in cooling the entire product quickly and evenly to secure freshness instantaneously. Also since flake ice is formed in flat flakes so it will not dent the highly sensitive product and allow for a more aesthetically appealing appearance. Since seafood is one of the most highly perishable and temperature sensitive foods having the ability to produce ice instantly guarantees freshness throughout the entire process, from the boat to you!

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Tichon Seafood Corporation
7 Conway Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
508.999.5607 | info@tichonseafood.com